WATCH: Jon Stewart Is So Mad, He Doesn’t Tell A Single Joke The Entire Show (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart is not only one of the most respected comedians on television, and on the planet, but he’s also seen as more trustworthy than even MSNBC. Considering his job is to tell jokes all day, that’s a pretty good feat.

Stewart, in his latest segment of The Daily Show, just showed us why he is the most trusted. He shocked his audience by openly admitting that he was not prepared to conduct his show as normal because he hadn’t adequately prepared that night. He just wasn’t in the mood for telling jokes. Who can blame him? A young racist white kid just shot up a bunch of black people inside a church, simply because of the color of their skin.

The confederate flag flies over South Carolina. And the roads are named for confederate generals. And the white guy is the one who feels like his country is being taken away from him. We’re bringing it on ourselves. And that’s the thing—al Qaeda, ISIS, they’re not shit compared to the damage we can do to ourselves on a regular basis.

Watch Jon Stewart show why he is the world’s most trusted comedian:

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube.

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