WATCH: John Oliver’s Moment Of ‘Premium Cable Profanity’ On France: ‘F*ck These A**holes’ (VIDEO)

Being a British national, John Oliver probably knows France better than most Americans. Being on HBO, John Oliver has the unique ability to reach millions of people without his language being censored. Those two things together made for a rant on Last Week Tonight that will have you choked up and cheering all at the same time.

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Oliver is fed up. His ridiculously crass segment is nothing short of perfectly appropriate. As liberals, we are smart enough to know that placing blame on an entire religion over the actions of a handful of lunatics is wrong. We also know that Oliver is completely correct. These f*cking a**holes, using an ideology of total a**holery, can go f*ck themselves. Sideways.

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Watch John Oliver put the ideology of a**holery and the people who follow it in their place in this perfectly prepared segment of pure profanity:

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