WATCH Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Shredding Of The Lion Murdering Dentist (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel, like most of us, can’t understand how a person could possibly feel the need to kill something as beautiful as a lion or the plethora of other exotic animals murdered by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer.

Palmer, who says he was under the impression the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe was perfectly legal, has had to go into hiding from the public after outcries for him to be treated like his prey. As Kimmel points out, Palmer doesn’t hunt for food, or to thin the herd, or for any other good reason. He hunts for the pleasure of sitting underneath the head of a majestic beast he paid an ungodly amount of money for someone else to track, while he was drinking scotch with his buddies while they pay tribute to what a totally manly man he is.

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This time his over-compensation for that which he is obviously lacking will cost him, as he had to shutter his practice and will likely never be able to open another one.

Kimmel, to try to make something positive from this crying shame of an incident, got a bit choked up as he talked about what people could do to help the researchers who tracked and loved Cecil for more than years. If you want to help you can go to to make a donation in Cecil’s name.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel get choked up after demolishing what may have been left of dentist Walter Palmer’s dignity.

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