Watch: Islamophobes Get Owned By Parisian Mourners (Video)

A massacre that took the lives of over 150 civilians in Paris has brought most of the world together in support of peace. With that being said, we have also seen quite a bit of ignorant anti-Muslim rants. The Parisians, who have been directly affected by this heinous act of violence, chose compassion over hatred.

During a silent vigil in downtown Paris on Saturday, roughly a dozen or so supporters of the French National Front (FNF) held a banner demanding the removal of Muslims. The FNF is known as the third largest political party in France with a reputation for their racism and bigotry. So, it’s no surprise that this group showed up to push their anti-Muslim agenda since the founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has had several charges brought against him for inciting racial hatred.

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The group of Islamophobes were met by Parisians who were not going to let hate cast a shadow over this time of tragedy.  The mourners banned together in order to distance the protesters.

The strong group of Parisians moved towards the group of racists chanting:

Fascists go home!

Once the group of mourners were able to get the hate group across the street, they began to sing the French national anthem, Le Marseilleise, as a sign of solidarity.

The people of Paris have shown great strength and compassion in the wake of this unspeakable tragedy. Though it would be easy to allow hate to produce more hate, we must follow the Parisians lead and not allow our anger to cloud our judgment or target innocent groups out of fear.


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