WATCH: Huckabee Thinks RIGHT WINGERS Should Be Allowed To Have Their Own Fighter Jets (VIDEO)

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is on the campaign trail attempting to appeal to his hard-right voters. And, he’s working hard at it.  Naturally, if you really want to make a splash with these kinds of voters, you really only need to let them know you are the biggest, baddest, gun-toting owner around. Huckabee made sure he did not disappoint.

During a question and answer session at the Crossroads Shooting Sports range in Johnston, Iowa, Huck was presented with a question if people should be allowed to own the same types of weapons that the U.S. military uses. Here is how he responded:

We should have whatever we choose to have because it’s a citizens right. The government shouldn’t tell me what the limitations of my self-protection are. If somebody’s going to break into my house I want to be at least be as well-armed as they are if not better armed than they are.

My plan is always to have a better arsenal to defend myself than they are going to have to try to attack me. So whatever I must do to do that.

Huckabee stated he wasn’t so much a gun enthusiast as he was a supporter of personal liberty. Here’s the thing right-wing freaks just don’t get. Lefties are for personal liberty, too. We just respect other peoples personal liberty, as well.

There are limits to what a person should be allowed to own if it poses a major harm to others. Where to draw that line is definitely up for debate. But, nonetheless, the line must be drawn. You’re not competing with America’s military if they decide to come after you (right wingers think this is a real possibility) no matter what gun you decide to own.

So, where should the limit be? What should people be allowed to own to defend themselves? Apparently, Huckabee doesn’t think there should be a line. Should people be allowed to own a machine gun? A grenade launcher? A tank? A fighter jet? Do you see the point here? Mike, in his attempt to appeal to his hardcore supporters, which in the latest pew poll, appears to be working (conservatives favor him the most), is willing to say just about anything to keep moving up the ticket.

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