WATCH: How To Get Rid Of A Cop In Under A Minute (VIDEO)

Keith Smith from “The Big Plantation,” was on the street going about his business as usual in Shenandoah, PA. While filming, a law enforcement officer approached him and an altercation developed, albeit a very short altercation at that.

What followed was a very funny conversation between an ordinary citizen and a cop who was trying to bully him, when all he was doing was standing on a sidewalk with a camera. It lasted an entire 53 seconds.

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You would think this was a conversation between kids on a playground the way it played out.


How can I help you?


You’re obviously intoxicated.


No, I’m not.

This goes on a few times, and I’m surprised they didn’t play the “I know you are, but what am I? game” that is so common in elementary school. Finally, the cop gives up and tells him he is free to go on his merry way, but the comedy doesn’t stop there.


Alright, well get to walking.


You get to walking.




You go. I’m free to walk. Am I being detained? There’s millions of us.

This is the eureka moment. The “am I being detained question” sets off bells in a cop’s mind, because that forces them to make a judgment call. They are not able to illegally detain someone. Forcing them to answer this question can be the difference between going to jail or going home that night.

As the officer was leaving Keith calls him out for jay-walking, which is just icing on the cake.

This could have played out very differently if Keith did not have a camera on him proving what had transpired. The key here is, the officer had no probable cause to get any information out of Keith or to detain him. When Keith refused to cooperate, the officer had no choice but to let him go.

Watch for a few laughs:

H/T: The Big Plantation | Featured Image: youtube screen grab

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