Watch: GRAPHIC Police Bodycam Shows Cop Killing A Black Man Trying To Flee (VIDEO)

This very disturbing video from the Muskogee, Oklahoma police shows a cop shooting and killing a man who is trying to run away.

Officer Chancy McMillan was called to the scene of a disturbance where a man identified as Terence Walker, 21, was threatening to shoot a woman at a wedding. When Officer McMillan approached the young man and began to search him, he broke free and started running.

Terence Walker was obviously up to no good, and the Pastor who called police on him was right to do so, but what happens next is just frightening.

As Walker runs away he drops something, which the officer says he identified as a gun. He reaches down and picks it up and turns to continue running when McMillan fires at him five times, killing him.

All of that happens in the first minute of the video, the rest is total pandemonium. A man in a tie tries to get between the officer and Walker, begging him not to shoot him anymore. Women can be heard screaming as Officer McMillan repeatedly yells at the crowd to “get back.”

The department has issued statements claiming that the bodycam video clearly shows Walker with the gun and that he was pointing it at McMillan when he was shot, which is simply not true.

Walker was a viable perpetrator with a gun, but did McMillan know that? Was he in fear for his life as Walker ran away?

When another cop shows up they take possession of the gun and McMillan can be heard saying “the hammer was cocked.”

Towards the end of the video McMillan can be seen hitting a car and putting his face in his arms. He later says, “Why did he have to do that?”

It’s difficult to accurately judge this situation from a YouTube video. I was not there, and with the amount of violence recently by police it’s easy to immediately blame the officer for not handling this differently.

Watch the video and come to your own conclusions, but from my perspective it appears that this is yet another case of shoot first ask questions later, but again, I’m not the one who was chasing an armed suspect.

Warning, this video is graphic:

H/T: Yahoo News | Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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