WATCH: Gingrich And The Neocons Get Blasted On French TV For Blaming Attacks On Gun Control (VIDEO)

As the world rallies around France and joins them in anger and mourning, American conservatives are already busy making fools of themselves and advocating for more guns. Newt Gingrich, stellar ‘Murican hero that he is, shamefully tweeted that the theater incident in Paris would have been different had there been 10-15 people with guns:

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How insensitive is that little bit of stupidy? You know it’s bad when Donald Trump agrees:

No. It isn’t interesting, it’s tragic. Just what does gun control have to do with people wearing suicide belts and carrying assault weapons illegally? These imbeciles truly think that firing a salvo of bullets into a crowd by “good guys” would have prevented an obviously well-planned terrorist attack on what appears to be a dozen or more locations simultaneously.

Liberal Americans aren’t the only ones who are disgusted.

Watch French TV rip Gingrich and the American conservatives a new one for their dumba$$ remarks about gun control below:

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