WATCH: Fox News ‘Expert’ Blames Texas Pool Party Cop’s Behavior On President Obama (VIDEO)

It’s amazing that it took this long, but Fox News has finally blamed the behavior of now former McKinney, Texas police officer Eric Casebolt on President Obama.

The curvy couch crew of “Fox and Friends” visited with their favorite pop psychologist, Dr. Keith Ablow, on June 10, to talk about the belief that police aren’t respected like they used to be. Ablow says, “I think that some leaders in America have fractured the trust that Americans place properly — or placed properly — in authority, in police officers.”

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The term “some leaders” isn’t specific enough for Steve Doocy, who prods Ablow. “When you say ‘some leaders,’ who are you talking about?” Doocy asks.

Ablow doesn’t hesitate before putting the blame right where he thinks it belongs: on President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder. He says that Obama and Holder “seemed to side with people other than the police,” and that has led to more people disrespecting police officers.

Ablow says that people in power such as the president send “very powerful” messages that young people hear, and then think that it’s actually a good thing to “resist police officers.”

Nobody mentions the fact that the video of the pool party shows other officers on the scene who are talking calmly to the kids. Those officers appeared to be getting the respect from the teens that Ablow insists everyone should show to police. It was only the out of control cop, Casebolt, who was having problems.

Does anybody else catch the irony in the fact that, about a year ago, it was Fox News that was encouraging resistance to authority in the case of outlaw rancher Cliven Bundy?

Here’s the “you must submit to authority” rant by Keith Ablow, a man who should not have a license to practice medicine (if in fact he does), via Raw Story/YouTube:

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube


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