WATCH: Fox News Debuts A Right Wing ‘Daily Show’, And It’s Terrible (VIDEO)

Fox News has given a new show to commentator Greg Gutfeld. The show, which debuted on May 31, is cleverly called “The Greg Gutfeld Show.” I think it’s comedy, but this is Fox News, after all, so it’s kind of hard to tell.

Gutfeld starts off his first show by talking about “evil.” His premise is that if you ask enough people what evil is, eventually your definition of it will include everybody and everything. So we have to prioritize evil, or so he says. I’m going to bet it won’t surprise you what Gutfeld thinks is the worst of the worst when it comes to “evil.”

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Hillary Clinton. Of course she’s evil, in the Fox News universe. Gutfeld goes through some sort of nonsense with numerology to “prove” Clinton’s evilness, and while doing so, manages to bring up the whole email non-scandal. Ho hum.

He then moves to ISIS. Gutfeld says that what ISIS is doing is worse than “not baking a cake for gays.” No doubt, but are we supposed to be okay with discrimination in our own country because it is not as “evil” as murders being committed by a terrorist group? That seems to be Gutfeld’s suggestion.

But the absolute worst part of the segment comes when Gutfeld brings up climate change as “evil #2.” Wait. “What’s wrong with that?” you ask. Yes, it does seem amazing that climate change would be that high up on a Fox list of “evil.” But Gutfeld brings it up, apparently, only so he can mention conservative talking points about it. After referring to the “17 year pause” in global warming, which scientists say isn’t even a thing, Gutfeld points out that the people who don’t believe in man-made climate change are “scientists, too.” Maybe, but 97 percent of climate scientists say it’s real, and that it’s caused by human activity.

After displaying climate change as “evil #2,” Gutfeld says it’s really number 15, “on par with men’s sandals, and pelicans.” Oh, ha ha ha. Please.

Gutfeld then launches into a list of things that are “worse than global warming.” Among them are, unclean drinking water, poverty, and lack of basic health care. But he doesn’t mention that the Republican party is largely responsible for all of those things. He thinks those problems could be solved with “a sliver of the billions” being spent on climate change. Tell that to coastal communities fighting rising sea levels.

Evil #3 is racism. Gutfeld says that racism is why he doesn’t watch hockey (too white), or basketball (too…tall). Yeah, he actually said that. He complains that the media doesn’t report on all racism, such as racism against Asians. He brings up a discrimination case brought by Asian-Americans against Harvard, which claims that the quota system harms them. Because in the Fox News universe, Asians not gaining admission to Harvard is as egregious as unarmed black men being killed by the police.

This show appears to be an attempt to create a right wing version of “The Daily Show,” and perhaps grab some viewers away from that program when Jon Stewart leaves. But it fails miserably, largely because it’s not that much different from the “serious” news programming that Fox offers. I’m willing to bet that a majority of the Fox News audience won’t even realize that it’s comedy.

Watch, if you dare, the following video, via Fox News:

Featured image via screen capture from Fox News

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