WATCH: Fox News Claims Freddie Gray Worked For Police, Arrest Was All An Act (VIDEO)

This is truly journalism gone horribly wrong. Fox News, with nothing at all to corroborate, invited an anonymous source to tell a story about Freddie Gray that if true would possibly exonerate the officers involved in his death.

The source, who speaks through a voice-scrambler and appears in a blacked out studio, is identified only as “Mike.” He is apparently a police officer, and he tells Meghan Kelly that Gray was “a great witness for us.”

The issue with the interview from any reasonable standpoint is that the witness, who says he spoke with two of the officers since the incident, claims that Freddie frequently “put on a show” to get arrested so he could snitch on people, then explains why officers were forced to pursue him, and it was for their own safety because of Freddie’s violent behavior that he wasn’t seatbelted into the van.

If Freddie was working with Police, why the long foot chase? Why would he be a threat to their safety? Very little, if anything, about this interview holds water.

When asked a question about the ride and the report that Gray was “banging his head off the wall,” Kelly asks Mike how he knows, to which he replies, “I spoke to that officer, too. I spoke to three officers after the incident.”

Fox News takes an uncorroborated story from an anonymous source and tries to sell it as truth. Not to mention the entire tale is hearsay from someone who was definitely not involved in the incident. I call shenanigans.

If Freddie Gray were working with police it would have been the FIRST fact about the case released. Why would police allow someone so valuable to be harmed?

Halfway through the interview the subject changes from the incident to the “thugs” who rioted in Baltimore, the State’s Attorney who is hanging cops out to dry, and all of the reasons why the police are victims in all of this.

In other words, everything 68-year-old white men want to hear about Baltimore.

Fox News airs unsubstantiated story about Freddie Gray “working with police.”

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