WATCH: Fox Is STILL Attacking Texas Boy Who Built Clock – This Time Over Soap Bubbles (VIDEO)

Ahmed Mohamed made national news when he built a clock and brought it to school. The school allegedly thought it was a bomb, even though absolutely no precautions, like calling the bomb squad or evacuating the school, were taken.

Still Mohamed was Muslim, which means that the usual suspects – Republicans, Bill Maher and Fox News – reflexively came to the school’s defense.

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Despite the fact that it’s been a month, Fox is still at it. Fox & Friends host Anna Kooiman made the claim last Wednesday that Mohamed had a “history of trouble.”

What kind of trouble? Blowing soap bubbles and shutting off a projector.

“The techy teenager may not be as innocent as he seems,” Kooiman said.

Quoting a report published in The Dallas Morning News, Kooiman explained how Ahmed’s seventh-grade history teacher, Ralph Kubiak, had described the teen as a ‘weird little kid’ who had allegedly been suspended from school after being caught blowing soap bubbles in a bathroom. The teacher called Ahmed  ‘one of those kids that could either be CEO of a company or head of a gang,’  Kooiman noted.

She added that Ahmed had been caught making mischief in school, such as creating  ‘a homemade remote [which] he used to prank a teenager by shutting off a projector in class.’

“It’s unknown if President Obama is aware of his past disciplinary problems in school,” Kooiman said.

Here’s the video:


Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.

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