WATCH: Fox Idiot Tucker Carlson Blames President Obama For Orlando Shooting

From the “Of Course They Did” file this Sunday comes Tucker Carlson, Fox News host and idiot extraordinaire, who blamed President Barack Obama for the Orlando shooting.

And he didn’t even wait until the bodies were cold. That, folks, is shameless dedication to your job.

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“It’s horrific”

Early Sunday morning, an Orlando man named Omar Mateen walked into a gay nightclub and opened fire. And while heroes were there to help, Mateen killed 50 people before the police killed him. By all accounts, it was another horrifying mass shooting in the United States.

But that “horrifying mass shooting” needs to be prefaced with “another” shows how far gone we are as a country.

But rather than accept that and work towards a solution, Fox News went into spin mode. The bodies weren’t even cold and network was blaming President Obama for it, because if he’d just said, “radical Islam,” this all would never have happened.

While investigators were recovering the more than 20 dead bodies from Pulse Nightclub, Carson spoke with counterterrorism “expert” Sebastian Gorka. Gorka warned that “all Americans have a role to play” and “you must be aware you are on the front lines. Be alert and report anything that you see that is suspicious.”

Is anyone reminded of those Cold War posters? You know, the ones warning about “Reds under your Bed?” Paranoia, hypervigilance, and right-wing gun culture are bad bedfellows and a recipe for disaster.

Of course, speaking of right-wing culture, Carlson took the opportunity to bash President Obama, claiming that the president had somehow made us less safe because he took a politically correct view of Islamic-inspired terrorism.

Never mind that a military-style assault rifle ban would’ve have made killing so many people difficult, but the NRA opposes it. Never mind that Christians have killed gay people almost literally from the beginning, as well as beating, harassing, and publicly calling for their executions. Never mind that Republicans voted to let people on the terror watch list buy guns just six months ago. It’s all about that Islam, baby.

“Doesn’t the politicization of all of this, the relentless lying by the administration about the Islamic terror threat we face make it harder for people to want to step forward and say what they see?” Carlson asked.

Gorka agreed, recalling that the Obama Administration had spoken with him shortly after he conducted a police training event:

A young woman walks up from the administration, from the Department of Homeland Security and says, ‘Look, Dr. Walker, that’s all really interesting, but I disagree with all of it because the primary threat to America is white supremacists.’

Later in the show, Newt Gingrich — in his past life he was Charles Dickens villain, just look at that name — agreed with Carlson, saying:

The Obama administration had deliberately and willfully for seven years tried to avoid telling the American people the truth about an ideology which is an enormous threat to our civilization, and which is winning the war.

Gingrich is the idiot’s idea of what a smart person sounds like, so I have very little patience for him or his drivel. However, I’d very interested in exploring what they mean by “threat to America” — because the very same gay people killed in this attack have been called “threats to America” by people like Gingrich, as well.

Watch the video below:


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