WATCH: Fox ‘Business’ Gets SCHOOLED By An Economist On The Advantages Of Higher Pay (VIDEO)

Stuart Varney is only an economist in the sense that he calls himself one and people around him nod their heads and agree. Stuart Varney, you see, works for Fox Business, where the latest on Hillary Clinton’s emails and how horrible the economy is under President Obama are all viewers need to assure them that their pensions haven’t changed since 1996 and there’s usually pretty weather girls on soon.

It’s fun to watch the weasels of Fox Business turn a record high stock market into a pit of despair, where hope is stomped out by scary men in power ties and the message is always clear: Vote Republican.

Varney, the rest of the actors and actresses and anyone dumb enough to be a regular guest or analyst for this foolish network must have incredible tolerance for the depression they feed on. Surely they would sink and perish in the Swamp of Sadness before they would report that things are looking up and have been for years now.

The unemployment rate is at a solid 5, you idiots. That’s what most economists call “full employment.” There’s still a long way to go, however, and Varney proves here that he has no idea how to go forward without bankrupting us again:

You have to love that Varney tossed an “interesting point” out. It’s not an interesting point, it’s a simple fact. Republicans want to keep wages low so their corporate masters make more money, then they want to complain when people apply for benefits because 40 hours of work won’t pay the rent.

It’s OK. After he leaves they’ll go right back to ignoring logic and blaming stagnant wages on the president.

Featured image by Astrid Stawlars/Getty Images

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