WATCH: Finally A Barbie Video I Would Be Proud To Show To Any Little Girl (Or Boy) (VIDEO)

Barbie is back. Okay, she really never went anywhere, but after years and decades of being a pink swathed bombshell with unrealistic proportions, Barbie is becoming the role model she’s always had the potential to be.

As a kid, I loved Barbie. Yes, her oversized breasts and her undersized waist, as well as her far-too-long legs, may have something to do with my screwed up body image. Then again, it might be a lot more complicated.

What Barbie was to me, though, was everything. In my Barbie’s world, Ken was an accessory, not a necessity. She didn’t wear all pink, in fact my Barbies wore very little pink. One day she might have been a doctor, another a famous journalist, another, sunbathing.

It seems that Mattel has finally grasped the idea that Barbie is the every girl and instead of being about body shaming, Barbie is limited only by a girl’s (or boy’s) imagination and ambitions.

Share this video widely. Even if it doesn’t sell Barbie dolls, it sells the idea that girls are powerful.

Featured image via video screen capture. 

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