Watch Fallen War Hero’s Father Tear Trump To Pieces In Campaign-Ending Interview On CNN

Khizr Khan, whose Muslim son died in Iraq while fighting for the United States, totally eviscerated Donald Trump on Sunday following the Republican nominee’s attacks on him and his wife.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning, Khan said that the world can now clearly see the “blackness” of the bigoted billionaire’s soul.

The world is receiving us like we’ve never seen. They have seen the blackness of his character, of his soul.

Khan also blasted Trump for going after his wife, Ghazala Khan. Trump claimed that she didn’t speak at the Democratic National Convention, instead standing silently beside her husband, because of her Muslim faith. Khan insisted that the reason she chose not to speak at the event had nothing to do with her religion, and everything to do with high blood pressure that caused her to worry she would fall off the stage.

Khan continued to slam Trump and his hateful rhetoric and said that Muslims are just as against terrorism as everybody else.

What he cites in the name Islam — that is not Islam at all.

Khan stole the show when he spoke at the DNC. In front of millions of viewers, he asked Trump if he had ever bothered to sit down and read the Constitution, since so many of his policies indicate that he hasn’t. Then, he dramatically whipped out his own copy of the Constitution from his jacket pocket, waved it in the air angrily, and offered to let the Republican nominee borrow his copy to read. On Friday, Khan appeared on MSNBC and pleaded the GOP to “denounce Trump.”

Watch Khan’s interview here:

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