WATCH: Evil School Principal Caught Repeatedly Bullying Special Needs Students (VIDEO)

School Principal Kimberly Taylor of Hilltop School, in Haverstraw, New York, was caught on tape verbally abusing and yelling obscenities at special needs children. She is the head Principal for the special needs school that has kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Principal Taylor is somehow still employed by the school despite her disgusting, unethical behavior.

Pic via raw story.

Pic via raw story.

 This is one of those instances where there is no “allegedly” about it. And, it’d be impossible to take her words out of context. Here is a run down on just a few of the things she can be heard saying to children, on tape:

God, for gods sake – you animals, some of you.

Everyone knows this school is for kids that have behavior problems, so it will be a normal thing if we grab and pull you.

This here is a retard (speaking directly to the child) – how embarrassing. What a disgusting embarrassment, get the hell out of my sight.

The words alone are revolting, but hearing them coming out of this “educator’s” shrieking, vile mouth, while she screams at the top of her lungs, is enough to stir up anger in any parent.

But, the story doesn’t stop there. 

Kenneth Egan, a former teacher’s  aide, released the tape to the media after he complained about Taylor, and was fired because of it.

The school’s Superintendent knows about this, and is still allowing her to be gainfully employed. He maintains that the “school has an outstanding academic program.”

The school’s website states this, verbatim:

The Hilltop School is a K-8 center-based program for both classified and non-classified students who face a variety of learning challenges.

The program provides a predictable and positive learning environment so that students are able to acquire the skills necessary for both academic and social success.

Do you agree?

Watch the video, and chime in.

H/T: Abc 7 | Featured Image: Youtube screen capture

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