WATCH: Evangelical Minister Declares That God Is ‘Heaping’ His Judgement On The United States (VIDEO)

Richard Land, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberties Commission, announced on TheDove TV a few weeks ago that America’s current political leadership was a sign of God’s “disfavor” and proof that we were on the brunt end of his “judgement.”

Richard Land’s problem with ethics

Land served as the president for the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and & Religious Liberties Commission from its conception in 1988 until 2013. Before 2013, Land was a firebrand and a stereotypical culture warrior, but it took plagiarized comments about Trayvon Martin to get him removed.

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When Land took to his blog to accuse the African-American leaders of politicizing the death of Trayvon Martin, he lifted his commentary from Washington Post columnist Jeff Kunher.

Land would later apologize, saying, “I was sloppy. I apologize. And we’re going to move on.” Despite this, his words, not plagiarism, got him relieved of his presidency at the ERLC.

If Reagan was God’s blessing, thank God he’s passing judgement

Land didn’t settle after losing his position, and has travelling the right-wing rubber chicken circuit since. While making an appearance on TheDove TV, the minister unleashed on the United States, claiming that our current leaders are “judgement” from God:

I believe He is judging the United States of America. I don’t believe that you can kill 56 million babies in child sacrifice through abortion and not expect that God won’t judge the nation. I believe we’re in the state we’re in today because of the judgment of God. I get asked all the time, ‘Where is the next Abraham Lincoln? Where is the next Ronald Reagan? Where is the next Billy Graham?’ Well, my answer is great political and spiritual leadership in our country is a sign of God’s blessing; its absence is a sign of God’s judgment.

So long as the hard-right controls the Republicans, there will be no new Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, or Billy Graham — they’d be perceived as too liberal. It’s not a sign of God’s judgment, it’s a sign of the right’s self-destructive and epistemically-locked Weltanshauung.

Watch Land’s Declarations Below:


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