WATCH: Educator Has Brilliant Plan To Bypass Mississippi Ban On Teaching Proper Condom Use (VIDEO)

The state of Mississippi has no qualms with slut-shaming girls who choose to engage in sexual activity, but when it comes to providing students with adequate sex education, the state fails miserably.

Over sixty percent of Mississippi school districts have adopted a curriculum that focuses on “purity.” One exercise included in the curriculum requires students to “unwrap a piece of chocolate, pass it around class and observe how dirty it became.”

“They’re using the Peppermint Pattie to show that a girl is no longer clean or valuable after she’s had sex—that she’s been used,” public health official Marie Barnard said of this disgusting exercise. “That shouldn’t be the lesson we send kids about sex.”

Unfortunately, such exercises are common in “abstinence-only” sex “education.” Kidnapping and rape victim Elizabeth Smart decried such programs when she spoke at a 2013 Johns Hopkins University panel:

I remember in school one time, I had a teacher who was talking about abstinence. And she said, ‘Imagine you’re a stick of gum. When you engage in sex, that’s like getting chewed. And if you do that lots of times, you’re going to become an old piece of gum, and who is going to want you after that?’ Well, that’s terrible. No one should ever say that. But for me, I thought, ‘I’m that chewed-up piece of gum.’ Nobody re-chews a piece of gum. You throw it away. And that’s how easy it is to feel you no longer have worth. Your life no longer has value.

Some may claim, ignorantly, that such programs work — but those individuals would be ignoring that 76 percent of teenagers in the state report having sex before the end of high school.

While it’s perfectly fine to teach students that Pattie shouldn’t be spreading chocolate all over town, the state of Mississippi expressly prohibits “any demonstration of how condoms or other contraceptives are applied.”

For those teens Sanford Johnson of Mississippi First has an idea that perfectly circumvents the state’s prohibition of teaching male students about having sex responsibly: socks.

Yes, socks.

Johnson, a former civics teacher, explains in a YouTube video how teens may properly prepare for “show related activity.”

Obviously, before one puts on a shoe, the foot should be properly protected by something. So, Johnson shows — in graphic detail, how a sock may be properly applied to one’s foot before said extremity is inserted into a shoe.

Johnson encouraged viewers to ensure that the sock is rolled to the base of the…foot before it is placed in the shoe. He even covers proper removal after “shoe activity” is complete…you know, to make certain that no “sweat” drips out.

As Johnson cleverly points out:

If you’re going to engage in a shoe related activity, make sure that your foot is protected. Make sure you use a sock each and every time.

After all, you don’t want to get athlete’s foot, right?

Watch this brilliant video, below:

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