Watch: Duggars Tell Fox: Josh Touched Girls ‘Over The Clothes While They Slept’

The much-anticipated Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar interview with Fox actress Megyn Kelly was as soft and innocuous as expected. Kelly asked no tough questions, basically yielding the time for the proud parents of a pedophile to complain to America that they were victims of the liberal media.

A couple of revelations did come out of the interview. Two of Josh’s victims were named as sisters Jessa and Jill. Megyn will be doing yet another “poor persecuted Duggars” interview this coming Friday.

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Details of the crimes were also exposed. Jim Bob described several times that Josh had touched his sisters inappropriately “over the clothes” while the girls were sleeping. Kelly looked shocked: “So they learned about it from you.”

These parents really go out of their way to push the fact that the girls had no idea that this happened.

Jim Bob also made it clear that they had talked to other parents, and they had been told that this kind of thing had happened in their families. Apparently sexual depravity runs rampant in “Christian” families.

They looked so very sad. “Over the clothes” and “while they were sleeping” became common themes. It was all so innocent. Oh, except for those “few times” it was “under the clothes” and as Megyn pointed out, “while they were awake.”

Jim Bob acknowledged that as well, minimizing the actions of their obviously sick son by saying it was “only for a few seconds.” They spent a good deal of time explaining that every time it happened, Josh came right to them, always crying, admitting what he did.

And then he did it again. And again.

The rest of the interview is a whole lot of these deluded parents justifying their response, saying they had “safeguards” put in place in the home so Josh couldn’t touch the girls after they went to bed, and explaining the path to forgiveness they took.

They are also mortified by the public outcry. They played the victims well, calling the media out for digging into their personal lives, (That they put on TV twice a week plus re-runs), which they say was “shared in a slanderous way.”

Your 15-year-old molested his own sisters. Jessa and Jill would have been 10 and 11 years old, and according to a police report just released, Josh’s youngest victim (you can find a list of birthdates on the family blog) was only 5.

That’s not curiosity, that’s the making of a predator.

Watch Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar play softball with Megyn Kelley.

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