Watch: Drinking, Off Duty Cops Treat Water Pistol Pranksters Like Armed Terrorists (VIDEO)

Six off-duty Burnsville, MN cops were drinking on a “Pedalpub” in Minneapolis this week when pranksters on bicycles rode by and “assaulted” them with water pistols and balloons. In true tough guy fashion, the big bad officers jumped off the moving bar and brutalized the young men, sending at least one to the emergency room.

What would be viewed by most as a harmless prank, albeit annoying to patrons of the pub, was viewed by these cops as a reason to demonstrate why police should definitely undergo routine psychological counseling.

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The pranksters were carrying multi-colored “Super Soakers” that could hardly be construed as dangerous weapons, but that didn’t stop these off-duty heroes from shutting down a Minneapolis street so they could drop their knees on the necks of the dangerous attackers, twisting arms and being bad a*ses.

While the men did most definitely commit a misdemeanor, the representatives of Burnsville’s finest showed just how dangerous a group of massive egos can be.

Watch off-duty cops who were drinking assault a group of pranksters with water guns like they were terrorists.

Featured image: Screen capture from YouTube

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