Watch Doctors School Stupid Fox News Anti-Vax Host On Vaccines

In America, well-established science and evidence takes a back seat to corporations’ bottom line, not to mention the miserably uninformed goobers who they hoodwink. Our lexicon is made up not of science-based nomenclature, but rather such ludicrous epithets as climate-change deniers, birthers, truthers, ammosexuals, and anti-vaxxers. With winter in full swing and people coughing in your face, the anti-vaxxer crowd is in full force, aggressively pushing Dr. Jenny McCarthy’s views on actual doctors.

But a panel of doctors weren’t about to let a Fox News Anti-Vaxxer take a massive dump on well-founded science like they do with economics, history, and pretty much everything. 

There is a question, Lee said, about personal liberty and having the choice to make the choices for your children, and also what’s good for the community.” (TPM)

While it’s rather fun to poke fun of anti-Vaxxers as they perpetually cite the perennially debunked, “They give you autism!” argument, the fact remains that there has been an outbreak of measles at Disneyland. That’s right — the anti-Vaxxer loons (Gwyneth Paltrow meets Alex Jones) have brought measles to Disneyland, resulting in 70 people getting sick.


Mickey Mouse doesn’t want cheese; he wants a freaking vaccine! Image via Wonkette

So naturally these doctors weren’t much too pleased to hear Jenna Lee ask if they thought their should be a “federal regulation” forcing kids to get a vaccine.

‘Look, I think that vaccines have prevented millions of children around the planet from dying,’ Dr. Manny Alvarez said. ‘If we get into a philosophical argument about whether vaccines are safe or not—they’re safe.’

‘This goes from being a personal decision to a public hazard if you’re not vaccinating your child,’ echoed Dr. Darria Long Gillespie.

‘We will need something from the top down to make sure that everyone stays vaccinated,’ said Dr. Frank Esper. (TPM)

In short, vaccinate your freaking kid or do not leave your underground bunker, or Whole Foods.

Watch the entire exchange below:


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