WATCH: Disgusting Christian Militant Says Homosexuality Leads To Cannibalism And Should Be Outlawed

It’s hard to give a measured response to something as insidious as the video put out by a self-proclaimed Christian militant and Crusader.

Thomas Shoebat is a disgusting and dangerous individual who believes that our society should outlaw homosexuality because, he believes, it leads to murder and cannibalism. He also believes that we should not only punish the individual perpetrators of crime, but we should root out and punish — even to the extent of war and murder — those who hold the same philosophy and belief system of the criminal.

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If a murderer was an Atheist, then we should outlaw Atheism. If a murder was gay, then we should outlaw homosexuality.

But it is his fascination with homosexuality that fostered an entire thought experiment which led him to conclude this nonsense: because Jeffrey Dahmer raped and killed men, that all homosexuality will lead to murder. Because gay people can’t have children, they obviously have no respect for human life and that will inevitably lead to murder and cannibalism. So the obvious solution is to outlaw homosexuality.

There is great irony in the fact that this deranged man attempts to explain the thinking of a serial killer like Jeffrey Dahmer, while simultaneously demonstrating the exact cold and calculating demeanor of a potential serial killer.

I’d venture to say that if this person was not constrained by laws he would begin a new crusade to eradicate homosexuality in our world.

Furthermore, Theodore Shoebat either is unaware or simply does not care that everything he is suggesting is the problem with ISIS, gays and lesbians, and communism are exactly the thing he is demonstrating.

Perhaps I’ll give a more nuanced discussion of why he is wrong on so many levels at another time. But for now, this guy should eradicate himself because he is the “cancer” growing inside of our collective society. He is the monster that needs to be opposed at all costs.

Watch Christian Militant Suggest We Should Outlaw Homosexuality Because it Leads to Cannibalism


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