WATCH: Dallas, Texas Police Ruthlessly Gun Down Mentally Ill Man Holding A Screwdriver (UPDATED)

Just when you think things couldn’t get more horrific. Newly released footage shows the brutal and possibly criminal slaying of a mentally ill man in his doorway. The cops were called to the scene by his mother who wanted their assistance getting her son to the hospital.

WARNING: The following video is graphic in nature and shows a closeup killing. NSFW or around children.

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Watch it HERE:

Keep in mind, the only thing Jason Harrison was carrying was a screwdriver. The same screwdriver he had as his mother walked by him to calmly exit the house. As she emerged, she explained that Jason is schizophrenic and gave advice about how to possibly deal with her mentally ill son.

As she is spoke, the officers went into a panic, and even though there seems to be no real lethal threat with two heavily armed and allegedly trained police officers well out of arms reach from the man, the police begin firing multiple rounds.

They didn’t listen to the mother, who presumably knows her son and understands his behavior. They didn’t take out their billy clubs, which surely would have been more powerful than the lone man and his household screwdriver. They didn’t seek out paramedics or anyone who might be better trained to deal with a severely mentally ill person.

They didn’t back off to assess the situation or safely negotiate.

They didn’t even really warn Jason, rather just rattled off an almost incoherent string of shouts that came at him so fast a sharp-witted any mentally stable person would have had trouble responding in that brief moment. I know if someone started screaming at me, and I couldn’t understand them, my 1st reaction would probably be to be confused — not immediately understanding and compliant; it’s human nature.

From the footage shown here, originally shot on June 14th of last year, but just released on March 14th of this year, fail to show any human sense or decency from where I sit. My only other thought is how long will it take a Texas Grand Jury to clear them of all wrongdoing?

By the way, this isn’t the 1st time the Dallas Police have gunned down a mentally challenged person that didn’t appear to be the “aggressor.”

Watch this shooting from 2013:

EDITOR’S NOTE: The mentally ill person shot by Dallas police in this case was a 38-year-old man, not a teen as the original title and article suggested.

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