Watch: Crowd Of ‘Patriots’ Chants ‘USA!’ While Latino Is Assaulted At Trump Rally (VIDEO)

Recently, violence erupted at a Trump rally in Miami, Fla. when a room full of Republic*nts were not thrilled about a group of Latinos peacefully protesting the event.

Among the three groups of protesters, was a group of students from Florida International University who began to interrupt Trump as he was emphasizing  his plan to build a wall along the Mexico and U.S border. The protesters held up signs and shouted:

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Equality! Equality

Trump seemed to keep his cool at first, but the second interruption led him to have them removed by security.

You can get them out, just don’t hurt them

It took the third interruption to see the Republican Presidential candidate for the POS he really is. He addresses the crowd and says:

The third group, I’ll be a little more violent, and the fourth group, I’ll say, ‘Get the hell out of here!’

Seems to me like he was asking for violence and he got it! The video posted below, clearly shows Ariel Rojas being pulled to the ground and dragged towards the exit by a typical ignorant Trump supporter as the crowd chants


While on the ground, you clearly see the same @sshat kick Rojas while he is down. The group of protesters are then escorted off the property by police while the man who assaulted Rojas remains at the rally when he should be in the back of a squad car! Trump didn’t even seem phased as he continued to speak over the commotion

Isn’t this more fun than having like a normal deal? ‘This is more fun, right?

Really? Trump seems to think assaulting a Latino on a Friday night is a good time- yet claims to love Hispanics. This is not the first incident of violence at a Trump Rally and probably won’t be the last. Why? Because Trump supporters clearly lack intelligence, and those who lack intelligence tend to act out in violence due to their inability to thoroughly communicate in an adult like manner- as demonstrated by the neanderthal  in the red polo.

Watch the criminally stupid applaud assault on a latino Man.
[youtube] Featured image via video screenshot

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