WATCH: Cowboy Takes Down A Bully Beating A Gay Man (VIDEO)

A presumably drunken man at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport exuded the ignorance many would expect from a Texan when he verbally and physically assaulted a gay man for nothing other than wearing a pink shirt.

In an unexpected show of humanity, other Texans, including a man in a ten-gallon hat, came to the gay man’s aid and took the obnoxious bully down.

There may be hope for Texas yet.

The cowboy got involved when the obnoxious bigot started getting loud, asking him what his problem was.

“Queers,” said the soon-to-be laid out imbecile, “This f*ggot right here.”

He then told the man in the pink shirt, “shove it up your a**, man.  See how that feels.”  He followed that with a kick and then landed a punch to the back of the man’s head.

The rest is best viewed in the video. The cowboy and several other bystanders took the bully down and restrained him until police could get the cuffs on him.

It’s not every day we think of Texas as tolerant towards our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community.  If this video teaches anything, (other than ‘try not to be stupid’), it’s that stereotypes aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be.

Watch this bully beating a gay man taken down by a cowboy in Dallas.

H/T: Addicting Info | Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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