WATCH: Cops Wrongfully Taser An Elderly Man With His Hands Up (VIDEO)

A couple passerby’s were in their car this week on their trip to Key West, when they noticed two officers surrounding a minivan with an elderly man in it. They weren’t sure what was going on, but something was obviously wrong, so they decided to film the event.

What happened next was absolutely appalling, to say the least.

While police have been getting a bad wrap all over the country, its things like this that really deserve an explanation.

When you watch the video, it’s really hard to see what caused the police to use a Taser on this elderly man, who exits the car with his hands up. The man was told to exit the vehicle several times, and when he eventually did, one of the cops apparently thought he’d teach this old guy a lesson. “Don’t you know old man to listen to me?” The cop didn’t actually say this, but he might as well have.

It’s very clear on camera, that he exited the car with his hands in the air. 

Not only is this a gross excessive use of force, and an absolute disgrace to police everywhere, but after the elderly man is on the ground, the cop is heard yelling out several times, “stop resisting, stop resisting.” This news site played the video back several times, in disbelief, and the man is already on the ground crying in pain, yet the cop continues to yell this out.

There were a lot of onlookers nearby, so perhaps this was for the cops benefit? 

At the end of the video, the men in uniform notice that they are being filmed, which leads the onlookers to question whether or not they should keep the film rolling.

I hope we don’t get harassed because we are recording this.

It’s a shame that they would have to feel like this. No one should have to question their ability to record a public event, especially when doing so will most likely serve as an incredible tool for police accountability.

All the details haven’t been released yet, since this just recently started to go viral online. When more information comes out, we will update the story.

Watch this disgraceful use of force here:

H/T: RA Got Talent | Featured Image: You Tube screen capture

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