WATCH: Cops Plant Drugs On Man After Dragging Him From Car And Beating Him (VIDEO)

Floyd Dent is a retired auto worker who never had a record or any trouble with the law until one fateful January night — a night that is starting to get national attention and shine a much needed spotlight on the blight of widespread police brutality and corruption.

If you haven’t heard Floyd’s story, you need to. Let’s get you up to speed.

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On that January night, Floyd Dent was pulled over by Officer William Melendez for an alleged traffic violation. Dashcam video shows a seemingly docile Dent being pulled out of his car and mercilessly hammered by Melendez. No one knows why the officer did so. Melendez’s report says Dent gave him a “narcotic stare” and had his fists clenched and later bit him. The video seems to show a different story. You can be the judge of who is telling the truth, below.

A subsequent search of the vehicle says that crack cocaine was found in the car, but now that charge — the only one remaining against Mr. Dent — seems to have fallen apart, and Officer Melendez, who has previously been fired for filing false reports and charged for planting evidence, is right at the center of it.

Dent claims he doesn’t do drugs and a test following the arrest squarely backs that up. And now a new video has surfaced showing “smoking gun” evidence that Dent was, indeed, framed. The video shows Melendez pulling a small baggie from his pocket. This baggie appears to be similar to the one he claims to have found inside Mr. Dent’s car.

Floyd Dent’s attorney will be in court with this evidence to attempt to get this last remaining charge dropped.

You can see both the footage of Mr. Dent being savagely beaten and the evidence showing Melendez possibly planting evidence in the report from local Detroit news, below:


Melendez is under investigation by both local authorities and the Michigan State authorities.

Hopefully, more people will take notice of the widespread corruption, racism and brutality from our police today. People need to stand up to the real tyranny in this country that is our modern police forces. Men and women who are supposed to be protecting and serving have become racist, para-military operations that don’t serve communities but only oppress and exploit them. The police and the people should not be natural adversaries in a free society, and unfortunately they are. This needs to change.


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