Watch: Cops Brutalizing A Man Come Dangerously Close To Being Attacked By A HUGE Crowd (VIDEO)

Police in Brooklyn felt it necessary to beat a man while he was down, is one of far too many stories like it nowadays. You might think people are getting numb to it, because it happens so often, until you see this video.

These people aren’t numb, they’re frustrated. They’re visibly and audibly upset. They see a black man on the ground with three or four cops on top of him and you see them start throwing punches. He’s down, he’s out, he has a knee on his head — but the mob mentality of these NYPD tough guys and girls is to kick and beat him some more.

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The crowd approaches and the cops come out of the woodwork. In less than 30 seconds the store is swarming with at least 15 uniformed officers and the crowd, which you can tell was ready to intervene, gives in to the intimidation and backs off.

Thank all that is good that they did back off, because, if not, the cops would have called it a “riot” and people would have been hurt, maybe even killed.

How long do you think it will be before this happens and the situation gets completely out of control? All it takes for cops to be this aggressive is a few other cops. When a crowd has finally had enough and feels like they have all the power, things will go bad. Unfortunately for the police, the situation will be one they created.

Watch this huge crowd come dangerously close to intervening when cops swarm and beat one man.

H/T: The Free Thought Project | Image: Screen capture

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