WATCH: Cop Murders Unarmed Black Man By Shooting Him 8 Times In The Back (VIDEO)

A video has just surfaced showing North Charleston Police Officer Michael T. Slager, 33, shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott in cold blood as he runs away. The video is so damaging and unbecoming of an officer, that Mr. Slager’s own attorney has decided to no longer represent him in court.

In the video, Mr. Slager can be seen firing his gun 8 times while the unarmed man runs away. Apparently, Walter Scott was afraid of going to jail for not paying back child support. He did not have a violent criminal record. The confrontation ensued after a traffic stop for a broken tail light.

Police reports stated that Mr. Slager had “feared for his life” before shooting, but this video clearly disproves that. At the beginning of the video you can see there was a slight scuffle; however, the officer doesn’t fire his weapon until the man starts running away. Then, the officer later decides to pick up his stun gun and drop it near Mr. Slager’s dead body which appears to show him trying to cover up what really happened.

The police reports also say that officers performed CPR and delivered medical aid to Scott, but the video shows Scott face down in handcuffs for several minutes, while another officer shows up to give Scott aid, but never actually performs CPR.

This is why you can't always believe police reports:

Here's the entire video:

H/T: You Latest News | Featured Image: You Tube Screen Capture

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