WATCH: Cop Drags African-American Teen Girl By Neck For No Apparent Reason (VIDEO)

You might remember the case of Eric Casebolt, a Texas cop who was caught on tape wrestling a 15-year-old African-American girl, who was doing nothing but attending a pool party.

While Casebolt has since apologized, is seems that one officer in South Carolina didn’t learn from the national story. School cop Ben Field, in Columbia, was also caught on video abusing an African-American teen girl, but this time it was while she was sitting at her desk.

In the video, Field is seen grabbing the student by her neck. Her desk then tipped over and he pulled her out, dragging her to the ground where he put her hands behind her back. The reason for the arrest? The girl didn’t want to leave the classroom.

Here’s one angle:

And here’s another: – Columbia, South Carolina

This was apparently not the first time Fields was caught manhandling a woman. One time, his alleged victim was pregnant. If her situation was anything like the videos above, the punishment likely did not fit the crime.

Featured image via video screen capture.

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