WATCH: Cop BARGES Into Woman’s Home; Says He ‘Doesn’t Need a Warrant’ To Search (VIDEO)

While being caught on video, police officers push their way into a woman’s apartment without a warrant to search for a local suspect. One officer in particular thinks he has complete authority over the situation, but the outraged resident gave him a rude awakening.

As the officers began to force their way in, the tenant and her roommates quickly started to take pictures and video record the investigators, who happened to not be wearing their uniforms during this search.

“What is the situation?” the woman asks the police officer  soon after her roommate began filming. “Could you not push on my door? Get your feet out of my door. I’m not going to slam the door on you.”

The woman then proceeds to ask for a warrant and the officer confidently says that he “doesn’t need a warrant” since he is “looking for a felon.” Shortly after, the officer presents a picture of the suspect that he is tracking down, and all three of the residents start laughing and deny knowing the suspect.

While the officers start rummaging through every room, the roommate filming the incident shouts, “I’m posting this everywhere!”

Many viewers on World Star Hip Hop had mixed reactions to the incident, arguing that there is a 50/50 chance of winning a law suit. One viewer in particular, who goes by the username Freddy K clashed with many of the other viewers about the video, explaining that police officers have probable cause to search the area since they “have information pertaining to the whereabouts of a known felon.” He then points out that the three women would most likely be charged for “impeding a police investigation.” Despite the feud, different viewers voiced their opinion of the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution, which is the basis of the law regarding search warrants and other privacy topics.

You can watch the incident via World Star Hip Hop, below:

H/T: World Star Hip Hop |Featured Image via Video Screenshot

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