WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Calls BS On Fox’s Duggar Interview (VIDEO)

On June 3, Fox News decided to finally devote some time to the Josh Duggar story. After barely covering the allegations against Duggar, the “fair and balanced” network decided to give the family a chance to tell their side of the story. On June 4, CNN did a post-mortem of the Duggars’ conversation with Megyn Kelly, where it was left to Chris Cuomo to speak the truth about it.

Former managing editor of People, Larry Hackett, opens the segment, saying that he thought the Duggars “came across very reasonably.” He goes on to say that he thinks there are very few parents who would say what the Duggars did to address the problem wasn’t reasonable.

Dana Bash, who sounds like she is a Duggar defender, lists the things the Duggars did to get help for Josh, including going to the police. She doesn’t mention that the police officer they went to was an acquaintance of Jim Bob Duggar. That officer is currently serving a 56-year sentence for possessing child pornography.

CNN’s media correspondent, Brian Stelter says he thinks that it’s “sad” that many people are turning the story into a “red-blue, left-right” issue. What Stelter ignores is that this has become a “left-right” issue largely because of Michelle Duggar’s history of inflammatory statements equating transgender people with sexual predators, as well as other remarks she has made about homosexuality.

At this point, Chris Cuomo appears to have heard enough. “Well, you’ve got ‘red-blue’ but you’ve got right and wrong as well,” he says. “This interview, it was a conversation among friends.”

Cuomo says that it becomes a question of the Duggars’ “appraisal of fact.” He brings up the admission that Josh Duggar had touched a babysitter, in addition to his sisters. Cuomo wants to know, “If you’re the parent of that other kid, not the daughter, are you as satisfied that everything was done the right way?”

Here’s the video, via Media Matters:

Featured image via Jim Bob Duggar/Wikipedia

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