WATCH: CA Police Brutally Beat Man ‘Worse Than Rodney King’ (VIDEO)

Video released early this morning captures several San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies brutally beating a suspect while he is handcuffed. A news helicopter shows as many as nine deputies (which eventually grew to 11 deputies) kicking and punching 30-year-old Francis Pusok after  he fell from a horse, concluding a three-hour chase through the desert. The chase was a result of issuing a search warrant on suspicion of identity theft.

When the police finally caught up to Pusok, two deputies rushed in and tased him, and proceeded to punch and kick him several times. Many of those kicks were to the head. San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner John McMahon said of the incident:

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The video surrounding this arrest is disturbing.

Within only two short minutes, the police managed to kick Pusok 17 times, punch him 37 times, and strike him with batons 4 times. Out of those hits, 13 of them appeared to be straight to the head. Pusok’s attorney stated the beating is “far worse than Rodney King,” and that his client has sustained injuries.

A criminal investigation is now being conducted at the request of the county’s sheriff-coronor, John McMahon, who said the video was “disturbing.” Pusok’s attorney wants the deputies terminated and charged criminally.

Watch the video below.

H/T:  Occupy Democrats | Featured Image via Video Screengrab

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