WATCH: Brilliant Gun Control Commercial DESTROYS Every Second Amendment Argument In 30 Seconds (VIDEO)

In wake of the recent shootings we’ve had, a brilliant gun control commercial is making rounds again and it completely obliterates every anti-gun control argument you’ve ever heard.

The commercial, released in 2013, by States United to Prevent Gun Violence, shows a man enter his workplace with a gun and shoot at his boss. Except, it’s not a modern-day gun, it’s a musket. You know, the kind of firearm that was available to our forefathers when they wrote the right-wing’s coveted Second Amendment?

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When the man misses his boss, he’s forced to reload his musket — which gives everyone a chance to flee the building. And then a message scrolls across the screen:

Guns have changed. Shouldn’t our gun laws?

It completely destroys every single gun nut’s Second Amendment talking point in thirty seconds and it is spot-on.

When our forefathers wrote the Second Amendment there was no such thing as 100 round magazines and assault rifles. A person couldn’t go into a schoolhouse and kill twenty children in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the framers of the Constitution said although we have the right to “bear arms” it is a right that should be “well-regulated.” The vapid ammosexuals in this country like to ignore that pesky statement.

Watch the commercial and share it every time a Republican talks about their “Second Amendment rights”:

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