WATCH: Black Man Arrested After ‘Cursing’ At Cop Who Gave His Girlfriend A Ticket For Allegedly ‘Breastfeeding While Black’ (VIDEO)

A video was released on social media and it is causing outrage. The video shows a young African-American couple being harassed by Charles County, Maryland sheriff’s deputies and is another example of how power has corrupted police forces across the country.

The deputies approached a local artist, DC Prophitt, and his girlfriend for allegedly breastfeeding in their vehicle. After explaining to the deputies they were mistaken, one would think they would apologize and go about their day, but of course, it didn’t happen that way. Prophitt’s girlfriend had the good sense and started recording the deputies — sadly, this seems to be something we all have to do now. You can hear the male deputy, who we will call Deputy Dipsh*t, state that he will arrest Prophitt if he refuses the ticket.

Prophitt is clearly upset in the video and continues to tell Deputy Dipsh*t that the ticket is bull and that his girlfriend was not breastfeeding in the car. She had a baby blanket on her shoulder, but the baby was in a car seat in the back with a bottle.

The male deputy continues to harass the couple, even though they have done nothing wrong and DC Prophitt becomes even more upset. Deputy Dipsh*t let the couple know that he feels cursing is an offense worthy of jail.

 You say one more curse word, you’re going to jail.

At this point Prophitt’s girlfriend realizes the cop is clearly on a power trip and tries to get their children out of there:

Can we just get the ticket and go? My daughters are in there.

So, what does Deputy Dipsh*t do? He grabs her arm and forces her to the passenger side of the vehicle. She tells him to stop touching her and Prophitt yelled the same at the egomaniac cop. That’s when he was arrested for “disturbing the peace.”  When he asked the deputy why he was being arrested, Deputy Dipsh*t stated:

There’s a certain way to act in public my friend, and that is not it.

Prophitt claims that after he was put in the car, the deputies assaulted his girlfriend before confiscating her phone and video. He also claims that she received her items back a few days before the court date with some of the video deleted. On Wednesday, DC Prophitt was found guilty of all charges and is even being blamed for negative calls to the department from people who have seen this video.

First of all, the fact that he was convicted of these charges is completely asinine. Secondly, Prophitt had every reason to be upset. His girlfriend was not breastfeeding, but even if she was, as long as the vehicle is stopped it doesn’t matter. Breastfeeding is a protected right in Maryland:

Subtitle 8 – Breast-feeding
Section 20-801 – Breast-feeding of children.
§ 20-801. Breast-feeding of children.

(a) In general.- A mother may breast-feed her child in any public or private location in which the mother and child are authorized to be.
(b) Restriction of right prohibited.- A person may not restrict or limit the right of a mother to breast-feed her child.

This cop had absolutely no right to even approach the couple in the first place. But, Deputy Dipsh*t just couldn’t help himself.

This video is just another example of why the police are no longer held in such high regard. Far too many cops in far too many towns, think that they are all-powerful beings and can treat people however they want. Prophitt was angry in the video and he yelled at the cop, but that is not against the law. You can call a cop as many names as you want to and it is protected speech. We have this awesome thing called a Constitution that protects that right. Furthermore, this whole scenario was ridiculous. There is no need for multiple officers to be there for a ticket and there was no reason for the ticket to be given in the first place. This cop should be suspended and Prophitt should file an appeal to get his conviction overturned.

Watch his arrest here:


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