Watch Bernie Sanders Call Out Wal-Mart For Being A REAL Welfare Recipient (VIDEO)

Continuing his candor on who’s really screwing America, Senator Sanders brilliantly called out Wal-Mart for exactly what it is: a welfare queen. Well, more like the super welfare queen but you get the point.

You probably thought there couldn’t possibly be any more reasons to hate Wal-Mart–the colossal seller of crappy merchandise. I mean, paying Chinese workers a nickel-an-hour to make more Snuggies, as well as paying its American workers minimum wage. And let’s not forget how it makes octogenarian greeters stand for hours, all in order to say “hello” to shoppers who couldn’t care less that they are there. That’s all really appalling. However, that it reaps the biggest benefits from the food stamps–the evil socialist program that dares to allow working families to eat something other than discarded paint chips–truly ups the ante.

The populist 2016 democratic candidate spoke out about this sickening fact.

Today in America you have one family, the Walton family, Walmart, owning more wealth than the bottom 40%,” said Bernie Sanders. “When I talk about our economy, I use a term called a rigged economy. People like Elizabeth Warren and I use that term. What does that mean, a rigged economy? Let me give you one of many examples. The Walton family, the wealthiest family in America — they own Walmart. You all know that. It turns out that the Walton family in my view, is the major recipient of public welfare in America. What do I mean by that. What I mean is that the wages they pay their workers are so low that many of their workers, — they by the way are now the largest private sector employer in America — that many of their workers are on Medicaid, are on food stamps, or are in subsidized housing which you are paying for in your taxes. Your taxes go to pay for Medicaid, food stamps, and subsidized housing.

Wal-mart just got Berned!

Watch Bernie Sanders Slam Wal-Mart As A Welfare Queen:

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