WATCH: Baltimore Gang Members Call For Calm And Peace In The City (VIDEO)

A lot of speculation is going on as to who is starting the riots in Baltimore. Riots that started shortly after the funeral of Freddie Gray, a Baltimore man who died mysteriously while in police custody last week. Investigations are underway concerning the cause of his death and police misconduct.

Meanwhile the media is falling all over themselves trying to show “angry black men” doing damage in Baltimore. Some talking heads are out of hand blaming “gangs” for the violence playing on old clichés. Fortunately in the age of video we can not only see the unfortunate situation as it unfolds, but the wrongly accused can defend themselves.

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In this video, two self-proclaimed gang members – one “Blood”, one “Crip” take to the interwebs and show their unity and effort to push back both against the violence and being the cause of the violence. As Charles Shelly, one of the gang members puts it “we’re not out here for anybody to get hurt. . . we’re here to protect our community and that’s it.” The two men then point out that this isn’t just a one-time thing due to the riots and that they ‘hang out almost every day” in a message they made from a local church.

See the video HERE:

Featured image via YouTube Screen Capture

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