WATCH: After Waco, The Young Turks Ask ‘WTF Is Wrong With White Culture?’ (VIDEO)

“White on white crime… a real epidemic in America.” So says The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur, commenting on the biker gang shootout that took place in Waco, Texas. And he has a valid point. White people are killing other white people everywhere. But our mainstream media won’t talk about it the same way they talk about “black on black crime,” or, for that matter, crime committed by black people against anybody, black or white. Uygur would like to know why that is.

It’s a valid question, and Uygur is one of few who isn’t afraid to ask it. He points out that the biker gangs involved in the Waco confrontation brought 100 guns to the scene, according to police. Those same police said that they suspected that something was about to go down, yet all they did was stand by and watch until it happened. Uygur turns to Kyle Kulinksi, and observes:

Can you imagine, five black gangs get together, in South Central. They bring 100 guns with them. The cops are on the scene. They say, ‘Oh, well, we knew the five black gangs had brought 100 weapons.’ And they decided, ‘Oh we’re just gonna see how it plays out.’

Yeah, like that would ever happen. Kulinski points out that in Ferguson, police showed up in full military gear at a peaceful protest. Compare what police did there to the shots in the TYT video, that show bikers being basically “babysat” by officers, on their cell phones, not even in handcuffs, after what one officer called “the most violent and gruesome scene that I have dealt with.”

Conservatives like to say that it’s not the police who are the biggest threat to black people — it’s other black people. Uygur shares FBI statistics that say that in 2011, 83 percent of white murder victims were killed by other whites. OMG! “White on white crime!” What is going wrong with the white community?

It’s simple, really. White people kill other white people, because, in our largely segregated society, those are the people they are around most of the time. And blacks kill other blacks for the same reason. But to hear the media frame the issue, you would think that when they talk about black Americans, and issues like Ferguson, or the Baltimore riots, they were talking about some third world country.

Here’s what Cenk Uygur has to say on the issue, via The Young Turks/YouTube :


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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