Watch A REAL Journalist Spank A Fox News Guest Whining About ‘Black-On-Black’ Crime (VIDEO)

Chicago is known for its violence and its pizza.  But the idea that it doesn’t take other forms of violence and crime seriously, like black-on-black violence, is simply not true. Well, unless you’re watching Fox News.

Lynn Sweet, the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times, challenged a Fox News contributor’s belief about so-called mainstream media coverage of Chicago crime rates during a segment on the police shooting death of Laquan McDonald. Fox News host Leland Vittert and guest Cal Thomas quickly changed the conversation from the killing of the teen to “black-on-black crime,” which is something that white conservatives do in order to delude themselves into ignoring a radicalized police force. Of course that’s a problem and of course it’s being addressed, but the idea that our police have become much to trigger happy is just not something anyone at Fox News wants to acknowledge or talk about.

Black-on-black crime in Chicago is virtually ignored, certainly by the national media, Thomas said, rattling off the number of shootings which he said were at 2,700 for 2015. “But that doesn’t seem to concern the mainstream media as much.”

How can someone with such a cool name be so dense? Well, this is when Sweet chimed in to shoot down Thomas’ assertion.

Watch A REAL Journalist Spank A Fox News Guest Whining About ‘Black-On-Black’ Coverage Below:

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