Watch: 76-Year-Old Man Abused And Tasered – Says Cop Was Like A ‘Goddamned Nazi Stormtrooper’ (VIDEO)

76-year-old Pete Vasquez was driving a vehicle owned by the car lot he works for on Wednesday in Victoria, Texas when the unthinkable happened.  As Pete pulled into the lot and exited the vehicle, 23-year-old police officer Nathaniel Robinson pulled in behind him to cite him for an expired inspection.

Vasquez explained to Robinson that the vehicle’s dealer plates made it exempt from inspection, but Robinson was intent on harassing Vasquez.

The police dashcam video shows what happens next.  Vasquez is visually upset, knowing he is in the right, and when Robinson demands he hand over the vehicle registration, Vasquez pulls away.

Robinson then slams the elderly man off the hood of the patrol car and takes him to the ground.  The two leave the view of the camera for a moment and Robinson reappears with taser in hand, sending high voltage into a man he accused of a class C misdemeanor.

Robinson has been placed on administrative leave.  Vasquez was taken to the hospital, where he spent two hours, and was released without being cited or charged.

Vasquez said he was afraid for his life and that the cop was like a “goddamned Nazi Stormtrooper.”

The Victoria Chief of Police has apologized for the officer’s actions and added that “you want to make sure you give the right person a badge and a gun.”

That person is obviously not a 23-year-old power hungry megalomaniac with an inferiority complex.

H/T: Raw Story | Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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