Video Of Suge Night Running Over His Friend Looks More Like Murder Than Self-Defense (VIDEO)

An extremely graphic video of Suge Night running over his friend Terry Carter was released Monday by TMZ. The video may put a damper on Knight’s defense that the act was self-defense, as it looks more like a rampage.

Carter’s family attorney told TMZ:

The death was caused by unnecessary acts of violence initiated by Cle [Bone] Sloan attacking Mr. Knight and Mr. Knight choosing to retaliate by using his motor vehicle as a deadly weapon.

In the beginning of the video, Suge pulls his truck into a parking lot and some kind of altercation ensues.  Suge backs out quickly, leaving Bone on the ground. Rather than drive off, Knight guns it, running down Bone, and then Carter.

Knight then drives off with no concern for Carter, who is supposedly one of his closest friends.

From my perspective, Knight could have easily escaped but decided to run down Sloan instead. Carter was collateral damage.

When a person is killed during the commission of a felony, regardless of intent, that’s called felony murder.

It appears that Suge may have some explaining to do.

Suge Night runs down Terry Carter in a fit of rage.

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H/T: TMZ | Image: Screen Capture From Video

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