UPDATE: Body Cam Footage Results In Murder Charges For 2 Officers Who Shot 6-Year-Old In The Head (VIDEO)

The family of Jeremy David Mardis, the 6-year-old autistic child that was shot 5 times in the head and chest and killed, along with his father who was mortally wounded, in an apparently completely unnecessary use of “deadly force” may get to see justice after all. Two officers, Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Derrik Stafford, have been arrested and are being charged with 2nd-degree murder and attempted murder.

There is still no information as to why the police chased the boy’s father into the dead-end road where they opened fire on his vehicle for reasons that we also don’t know. This incident, called the “most disturbing thing” the spokesman for the department has “ever seen,” was captured on the police body cameras. That footage ultimately resulted in the arrest, and charging of the two officers.

The non-verbal autistic child is mourned by all who knew him, and the way that this case is being handled by police is hopefully going to be a deterrent to other officers who would choose to shoot first and ask questions later.

When you fire a gun, you are ultimately responsible for where that bullet ends up, and even if you are a cop, murder is murder. Too bad it took the body cam footage of what appears to be cold-blooded murder of an autistic child to get an officer charged the way anyone else would have been.

Here is more on this case, from CNN:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BOGUlt9muQ&w=854&h=480]

Featured image via video screenshot

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