Unprecedented: Trump Has Debate Stage Tantrum, Refuses To Accept Election’s Legitimacy (VIDEO)

No presidential candidate ever in American history has refused to accept the results of an election. No matter how nasty things have gotten in the past – and they’ve gotten quite nasty – candidates have put their pride aside and conceded the presidency to their opponents once all the votes were in. McCain did, despite all sorts of nastiness throughout the 2008 campaign season. So did Mitt Romney. As a matter of fact, both Republican candidates gave quite moving speeches about how important it was for us to come together as one nation and follow the will of the people.

But in the third and final presidential debate Donald Trump – to the shock of everyone attending – would not agree to accept the outcome of the November election. If he actually goes through with this it could quite literally rip this country apart. He has already been whipping up a small rebellion at his last few campaign events; claiming that the media and even the electoral system itself is rigged to favor Hillary Clinton.

His actions are clearly not supported by anyone else in his campaign or family. Mike Pence said a few days ago that both he and Trump would accept the outcome. Even Ivanka Trump, his daughter, said that they would be accepting the election as final. But in a fit of anger and perhaps as the result of a bruised ego Donald himself could not make the same pledge.

There is no telling what the results might look like if Trump and his band of white radicals seek to seriously oppose the democratic process come November. Some conservatives have even called for outright bloodshed in the wake of Trump’s claims. There’s no doubt that his poor performance tonight will drag his numbers even lower going into the election. It is almost a foregone conclusion that he will lose and dozens of polls prove that the people – not Hillary or the media or Billy Bush – are to blame for Trump’s loss. But Trump’s delusions of grandeur may keep him from seeing that.

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