Unhinged RWNJs Applaud Story Of Bigoted Server Putting Bacon In Muslim Woman’s Drink (VIDEO)

When The Religious Right Loses Themselves In Bigotry

Public figures who wear tin foil hats like Victoria Jackson and Rush Limbaugh are largely responsible for planting the seed of fear within fringe lunatics that Muslims are trying to force Sharia Law into this country.

Not only do many of these “totally not bigots” lack the ability to clearly name any laws within Sharia Law, but they also routinely try to force their own Christian faith onto America in the form of  laws. While there are virtually no examples of Sharia Law being forced upon the government, the right-wing just isn’t convinced that this isn’t the case.

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Take for example, the attitudes of those who commented on an article posted by Ret. Senior Airman Brian Kolfage, who is semi-famous for being the most wounded airman to survive any war in history after a rocket blast during his second tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom took both his legs and most of his right arm. Sounds noble, right?

Well, it is, but there’s a bizarre flip side to Kolfage too. He and his 115,292 fans are also part of the tin foil hat crowd that believe Sharia Law is a tenable threat to this nation and he houses some of the most anti-Islamic fans on Facebook.

This story happened in October of 2013, so by news standards, it’s a dinosaur and I am not certain why Kolfage dusted it off and put it on his website, but given the resurgence of anti-Islamic mindset in this country after the Charlie Hebdo attacks and beheadings by ISIS, the attitudes towards the story are what makes it relevant again.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cgWO1sw1qc]


Yesterday, Kolfage posted on his website about a Muslim woman who went to T.G.I. Fridays in Texas and politely asked that bacon be removed from her Cobb Salad. The server did so, but as the woman and her friend were leaving the bartender offered to refill their iced teas and gave them a cup to go. When the woman left and took her first sip from her to-go cup, she got a mouthful of bacon because the server had crumbled it up and put it into her straw. Muslims are not permitted to eat pork, and the server knew that. This hateful act sent a clear message that she and her religion were not respected by the staff.

Had this happened to a Christian in this country, and say, a server put bacon in their drink, this country would be OUTRAGED, because that’s disgusting. Messing with anyone’s food or drink would inspire most of the country to drag T.G.I. Fridays over the coals, but when it’s done to a Muslim, cue the applause, the pats on the back, the laughter and the audience feeling vindicated that once again Sharia Law has been defeated.

The reaction to this overt act of bigotry is seen in the comment section on Kolfage’s post:

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About 1 in 10 comments found the actions of the T.G.I. Fridays employee deplorable.

Now, as an atheist, Islam by my standards is ridiculous and oppressive just as any religion is. I’m not a fan, but I am a humanist and I just can’t fathom treating someone like garbage because of what they believe and that’s the major difference between humanists and so-called “Christians.”

Yesterday, three Muslim dental students were  shot in the head over what’s being reported as a dispute over a parking space and possibly a hate crime. The shooter, a man named Craig Hicks, is also reportedly an anti-theist liberal. Yes, *gasp* liberals do commit crimes, although it doesn’t seem like these three were overtly targeted for their religion, maybe they were. This of course wouldn’t excuse the right-wing for their constant ignorance and hatred for the Muslims in this country. In fact, many RWNJs had some pretty narrow-minded things to say on the Fox News post about the murders, so in essence, while a liberal may have done the crime, it’s the tin foil hat fringe who are doing the applauding.

Take a look:

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The overwhelming majority of Foxbots on the Fox page are outraged that this triple-homicide is being investigated as a hate crime, even though the motive is uncertain at this point, because how dare Muslims be given an elevated status in the U.S. They want the killing of all whites  labeled as a hate crime but they fail to understand that whites typically aren’t targeted because of their whiteness, while the hate towards Muslims as seen in the Kolfage comment section is real.

As long as there is this outspoken crowd with a deep-seated hatred for Muslims, terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Quaeda will have all the material they need to keep the recruits coming and many more will die needlessly — on both sides.

H/T: Wounded American Warriors | Photo: YouTube (Screen Capture)

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