UNBELIEVABLE: Ellen DeGeneres’ Dance Dare Got A Black Man Thrown To The Ground By The NYPD (VIDEO)

A man decided to take Ellen DeGeneres up on her Dance Dare Challenge on Christmas Eve, like so many other fans of her show. As part of the challenge, viewers are supposed to go up behind perfect strangers and dance without them knowing it. It’s supposed to be good, light-hearted fun. If you want to see all the videos from fans uploaded to her site, you can check them out here.

So, with that said, a black man made a video dancing behind complete strangers, including an NYPD officer. What could have been a simple question and answer session by police, maybe even a lawful search for safety reasons, turned real nasty, real quick.

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As soon as the officer notices the gentleman dancing behind him,  several officers surround him and push him up against their van.


What’s wrong with you?


I’m just dancing. I’m just dancing.

The cop puts his hands around his throat.


What are you dancing in the street for?

At this point he explains that he’s taking the Dance Dare Challenge from the Ellen DeGeneres’ Show, but they are hearing none of it. They go on to frisk the guy, but soon discover they can’t charge him with anything. This, however, doesn’t stop them from ridiculing him.


What the f*ck is wrong with you? Are you a f*cking as*hole?

They then shove him to the ground in the middle of the street, like he’s a piece of trash. 

And, people wonder why cops are hated so much.

There are two videos posted. The first one is the shortened version showing the particular incident in question. The second one is the entire video of the Dance Dare throughout the city, and not just with the cop. Definitely deserving of being shown on Ellen’s show.

The shortened video:

And, here is the full video:

H/T: Being black in NYC | Featured Image: Youtube screen grab

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