WATCH: ‘I Just Kill Them’: HBO’s VICE Travels to Uganda to See the Hell American Anti-Gay Christians Built (VIDEO)

Uganda has been a popular stopping ground for Christian extremists like Scott Lively, and they’ve done the poor African country no favors. However, to see how badly they’ve damaged the country, and what kind of hell they’ve created for LGBT people who live there, all one has to do is turn to the latest episode of HBO’s VICE, entitled A Prayer for Uganda.

All in the Family.

Uganda is arguably best known for their “Kill the Gays” bill, which was debated, and then passed despite international condemnation, and then thrown out by the Ugandan Supreme Court on a technicality.

The former British Colony is a poor, landlocked nation with about 37 million people, that, like most African nations, is beset by internal strife. To get a clear picture of the politics behind the hate, VICE interviewed parliamentary member David Bahati, the man who authored the “Kill the Gays” bill.


During his interview, Bahati is very blunt, noting that “Homosexuality is evil.” Bahati isn’t only a Ugandan politician, however; he’s also a member of the secretive Washington D.C.-based organization of Christians called The Family, who have led the way in the war against LGBT people in Uganda.

According to Jeff Sharlet, the author and professor who exposed the work and members of The Family, United States Senator James Inhofe is among them. VICE notes that Inhofe has traveled to Uganda at least 135 times.

While Bahati refuses to name any of his American partners in the interview, it’s clear that Inhofe is one of them. The New Civil Rights Movement also notes that Scott Lively, Pastor Rick Warren, Sharon Slater, and the World Congress of Families are also among the people or groups that support Bahati.

Bahati makes profoundly clear what these Christian groups have brought to Uganda: gay people are pedophiles, that being gay is a choice, it is evil, and that children must be protected from it.

Rape the gay women, kill the gay men.

VICE correspondent Isobel Yeung interviewed a number of poor, working class men in the country as well, to see what goes on outside of the politics.

The very first thing the men tell her she needs to know about their culture is “we hate homosexuality.”

“We hate that one [homosexuality] completely,” one of the men notes. “If we find a woman with a woman, we will pull out one and we will do it to her. We cannot allow a woman to have sex with a fellow woman.”

“Have you ever raped a lesbian?” Yeung asks.

The man nods in agreement. “Yeah, serious raping.”

When Yeung asks what happens when they see a gay man, the response is just as disturbing:

Kill! Kill! You kill that one! Kill! I just kill them. Woman and woman we rape, but man and man we kill.


Crimes against humanity in Uganda.

The man who likely inspired the “Kill the Gays” law is Scott Lively, head of Abiding Truth Ministries. Abiding Truth Ministries is an anti-gay hate group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

VICE gives a short profile of the man, taken from a documentary produced by the Political Research Associates:


Lively himself currently stands trial in the United States in a lawsuit charging crimes against humanity.

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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