Typical Pick-’em-up Truck Racist Called Out For Being In Handicapped Spot: N-Word Flies (VIDEO)

Imagine you’re a racist scumbag overcompensating for your inadequacies by driving a massive pickup truck that gets three blocks to the gallon. You don’t feel the need to obey the law or show any human decency to disabled people, so you park your tank nice and close to your destination, in a handicapped spot.

When a woman calls you out for being such a jerk, you decide the best course of action is to rev your massive engine and get extra creative as you try to intimidate her:

Why don’t you get a f**king life you piece of s**t.

Your scathing remarks don’t seem to bother her, as she reminds you that you were the one who was wrong by parking in a handicapped spot.  Again, the need to use your superior intellect overwhelms you:

Yeah?  So was everyone else.

The woman says, “no, just you,” and asks you why you’re upset with her when clearly you’re in the wrong.  Once again your training at NASA just can’t contain itself as you mutter:

Yeah well get a life.

That certainly told her, didn’t it?  Luckily now you’re a YouTube sensation because before you drove away you couldn’t help but call her the N-word.

Your friends will all get to see how shiny and nice your truck is while you make a complete fool of yourself, and your day is complete.


Image:  Screen Capture From YouTube

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