Two Brave Mexican Men Confront White Man Who Was Savagely Beating His Wife With A Flashlight (VIDEO)

The b*tchy orange mean girl who is Donald Trump first shot to notoriety in the 2016 GOP Presidential Race during his incredibly xenophobic (and horribly inaccurate) presidential announcement. Totally fabricating an issue that doesn’t exist in order to exploit the miserably uninformed racists and their fragile minds, Trump said that Mexico is sending “rapists and criminals” to America. He also said he assumes that some of them are good.

Well, it looks like two of those “good” Mexicans showed up to prevent some white trash guy from killing his wife in public.

The wife beater, whose name and residence are not known but who we can only presume is a Trump supporter, was apparently beating the heck out of his wife’s legs with a flashlight in a public parking lot.  A close-up of the woman’s bloodied legs shows just how severe it must have been.


Image via screen capture

It wasn’t until two Mexican men intervened when the scumbag stopped beating his wife. Things escalated quite quickly, as the two unknown good Samaritans proceeded to confront the man. Clearly not wanting to face people who could possibly cause him some damage, the vile coward quickly got into his pick-up truck and attempted to drive off. While we do not condone violence, one of the men appeared to rip the wife beater from his truck so he could be there when the police arrived. Luckily, their intervening prevented the woman from further harm.

What makes this stand out is how the two Mexican men took it upon themselves to intervene, whereas others just stood around filming the incident on their phones.

Watch the entire incident below:

Featured image via screen capture



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