Twitter Implodes After Trump’s Failed Creepy Toddler Kiss (VIDEO/TWEETS)

So Trump was giving one of his usual 2 hour long rants about Hillary and our rigged election system in Wisconsin when something caught his eye. Not only a “beautiful” girl, but this was a toddler! (The younger the better am I right Trump, you old dog?)

So obviously the best thing to do was to stop everything, call this little girl up on stage without her parent’s consent and start kissing her ferociously. I nearly died of cringe while watching this man, who has a new sexual assault allegation every day, grab an unwitting toddler – tell her how beautiful she was – and then try to kiss her repeatedly in front of an angry mob.

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This isn’t the first time Trump’s unprovoked kisses have gotten him into trouble and it’s not likely to be the last. But hopefully, after Monday’s events, people will know to keep their children away from him in the future.

Featured Image via Video Screen Grab

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